Friday, May 21, 2010

"Summer is Near...Let's Have Fun!"

Well Summer is Near...Soon as "Memorial Day" Comes I Think the Next Few Months Fly By! I Am Always Entertaining and Enjoying Each Holiday Season, Whether With Friends or a Client, Even Making My Folk Art Creations Themed (Of Course!) I Try To Enjoy Life More and More. So Come on Summer I Am Ready to Have FUN!
I Did an Article for "Nashville Lifestyles Magazine" ~ Summer Party Spectacular. "Red and Blue Are a Hot Summer Party Theme, Even Beyond the Fourth of July.
   Summer's Here-We Know That From the Heat. Why Not Plan a "Picnic Party"-Without Burning Sun, Bugs or Stress? With These Simple Tips and a Few Great Accessories, Everyone Can Have a Super Summer Party.
Nothing Makes You Think Summer Like a Picnic with a Red, White and Blue Theme, and you Can Enjoy This One Indoors.
Remember Years Gone By When We'd Pack a Quilt or Tablecloth in a Basket, Along With Food and Treats, and Head Out to have a Great Get-Together? Just Plan It with a Twist- Use Your Memories and bring them Inside for a Spectacular Event.

Jason's Summer Party Tips

Tablecloth or Quilt-
Use These Simple Covers for Your Table or Buffet. Soften Up The Look- Instead of a Stuffy, Starched Cloth, This Makes Summer More Carefree and Comfortable.

Baskets or Crates-
Great for Holding Napkins, Dinnerware, Fruit and Finger Foods. Use an Old Strawberry Square Basket to Hold Cocktail Napkins or Groupings of Fresh Fruit for Your Guests' Enjoyment. There Eisier to Carry Around than Cocktail Plates, Too.

To Create a Simple Centerpiece, Pull Out a Grouping of Vases and Use Electrical Tape (Found at the Hardware Store in Red, White and Blue ) To Make Them Looked Like Striped Fireworks. Just Tape On Varying Stripes and You Have an Amazing, Quick Party Trick! You Could Even Style Your Drink Glasses This Way, If You Really Want to Have a Festive Look.

Signature Drink-
I Really Think That Nothing Is More Refreshing than Lemonade. Fresh-Squeezed ( Or Even Pink ) Lemonade Can Be Spruced Up with Fresh Cut Strawberries or Lemons- With or Without the Vodka, Depending on Your Guest List. Or, Serve a Little of Both! Also, Fix a Big Pitcher of Water With Fresh Mint. Very Soothing.

Party Favors-
A Box of Sparklers, AN Old Fashioned Nut Cup Filled With Fruit Instead of Candy, Packaged Gourmet Brownies or an Adorable Patriotic Bunny in a Clay Pot Would All Make Charming Gifts for Your Guests to Take Home to Remember Your Party.

A Good Way to Make Your Home or Porch Look More Summery is to Place Some Appropriate Pillows out. Star Shaped Designs in Ticking, Stripes or Outdoor Fabrics Make a Patriotic Impact.

Enjoy This Summer and Show Your Patriotic Spirit- Throw a Picnic Party in Red, White and Blue- Its a Guarenteed Great Time!  Pull Out The American Flag for the Front Porch and Enjoy a Glass Of Lemonade and Reflect on "Day's Gone By!"

Jason Parker Counce

Photography by Amy Meyer-

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Have a Great Day!