Friday, June 25, 2010

"It's Six Months 'Til Christmas...!"

Well I Almost Let the Day Get By, But Had to Let Everyone Know....It's Six Months "Til Christmas! Growing Up Each Month My Dear Sweet Mother Would Always Count Down The Months and Annoy Me and My Sister, Amy To Death. It Was a Growing Joke Each Year and Now I Miss It!
I Was Actually Outside Today In this 90 Degree Heat Working on Ornaments and Snow Covering Snowmen. Ever Know When You Think of a Childhood Memory and Get Emotional, Today Was Mine! I Started Laughing So Hard I Cried...It's June 25th, Well All I Could Hear in the Back of my head was...It's Six Months 'Til Christmas, That Is My Thought and Memory for the Day!
I Hope Each and Every One Of You Can Enjoy Such A Thought Each and Every Year that Brings Us Back To Childhood and Loving Our Mothers...Have a Great Day and Thanks for Listening to My Sappy Memory That Makes Me Smile...Especially on June 25th!
Well Funny Thing, Last Night Before Dinner I Talked to Mom on the Phone...She Brought It Up, and We Laughed and Laughed and Laughed a Few More Times. It's Always Fun to Have Those Little Things To Remember the Best of Times!
"Countdown" Begins...

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  1. Hi, the snowman is to die for!
    You know, Christmas DOES creep up on you very fast
    (your mother and I would get along fine!).
    Best Regards,